Your dream vacation in the Valtenesi countryside
Farm Holidays Macesina
Macesina, with its six rooms, offers exclusive accommodations with bed and breakfast for a select group of guests, who will have access to the private parking space, the gym and the wellness center and a wide assortment of typical products by local farms ranging from wine to jams, honey to flour.

All around, the green and quiet of a private park with swimming pool, fruit trees, scented shrubs and olive trees and a relax area with a pond and a gazebo for reading where the guests can enjoy all the peaceful serenity of Brescia's countryside. And those who wish to experience and obtain first-hand knowledge of the countryside can take the small trail, which leads after a short walk of a few minutes into the Fiume Chiese Park, the nesting place of the grey heron.
Breakfast is an important meal that helps us to face the day with the right energy. Agriturismo Macesina offers a buffet service rich in
products, both sweet and savory.

The bread and salt focaccia are made with our flour by a trusted baker located in Bedizzole.
The cookies are also produced with our flour, prepared in Odolo by the baker Benjamin Bazzoli, who has received multiple awards as best Italian Baker.
The pies are made in house by my daughter Elena and my sister-in-law Francesca.
Jams and marmalades are produced by a farm close to us, and the honey is an apiculture product of Sampì of Botticino, which has received many "Golden Bee" quality awards.
The meats are from Marchesini di Bedizzole farm and the organic cheeses are from Cammino di Nuvolera farm.
The fresh milk is chosen from the Centrale del Latte di Brescia, which also supplies yogurt and butter.
The natural and sparkling mineral water is from the Castle of Vallio Terme. The juices are chosen depending on the season and availability, choosing quality products from neighboring producers when possible, as well as corn flakes and cereals.

Unlimited hot drinks are provided at the table, with a choice of coffee mocha, espresso, milk, tea, cappuccino and chocolate.
Every day, you can find fresh fruit and seasonal produce from our own production or from nearby farms.

For those who want to buy the products of our land we will be happy to provide the full details and address.

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