The farm consists of 18 hectares of land, mostly contiguous, almost all owned by the family for several generations. For some years now, we have cultivated an olive grove here, planting 500 young olive trees of the Leccino variety with Pendolino as pollinators; the olives are still picked by hand and taken to the mill to maintain the quality of the olives and achieve an excellent extra virgin olive oil.

Other plots are dedicated to growing corn for producing typical Lake Garda flour for the local “polenta”, along with the alfalfa much appreciated by a herd of cattle in Padenghe del Garda. In February 2018, we began planting the vineyard, and soon we will have the wine of Macesina respecting production rules of Gardesan DOC wines.
The rest of the grounds are used as meadows for cultivating hay and grains on a rotating basis, in accordance with the principles of correct agricultural practice, because the earth is a loan to return to our children.
Educational Farm
In 2014 we were accredited from Lombardy Region as «Educational Farm»

We offer the opportunity to learn about farming, the food cycle, crafts and the social role of farmers, educating for responsible consumption and for the respect of environment and nature.
In particular we present the aspects related to the cultivation of corn which produce the "typical flour of Lake Garda", the "polenta" from Bedizzole, which is the first De.Co producer of our town, integrating the educational tour visiting the Old Mill Bettoletto, through the "Cooperativa Agricola" (" Agricultural Cooperative") of which we are founding members.
Typical flours

This is the name of the Farming Cooperative Society in Bedizzole, which has renovated the old forge and set up an old grindstone in premises provided by the town council. Next to the river Chiese in Bettoletto, the old grindstone has now started grinding maize flour, special varieties such as flint maize, which is rich in protein and suitable for stone grinding. Some of the flint maizes used are autochthonous varieties grown by the members of the Typical Flours of Lake Garda cooperative in the morainic hills lying between the riviera and the Chiese. In industrial production the maize



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