Wellness and Fitness Treatments
Antistress Massage
Duration 50’ Price € 50,00
Antistress massage is the perfect relaxing treatment, helping to balance the effects of stress in our lives, preventing the related energy imbalances. It contributes to maintaining and recovering mental and physical wellness.

Aromatherapy massage
Duration 50’ Price € 50,00
A harmonious combination of oil and essences acts both on the body and the emotions, enveloping you in feelings of overall wellness. The soft, caressing movements follow the venous return, improving circulation and skin and releasing muscle tension, freeing blocked energies.

Holistic (or sensory) Massage
Duration 50’ Price € 50,00
This intuitive, non-technical massage gives a person a global perception of the self, promoting awareness of forgotten parts of the body. It reactivates energy trapped by emotional blocks and is particularly indicated for feelings of tiredness.
Relaxing face and neck treatment
Duration 30’ Price € 40,00
This treatment alleviates and relaxes the tensions in the shoulders and neck that often cause pain in the upper back muscles. It relaxes the face, improving subcutaneous circulation and preventing wrinkles. It recovers mental calm and gives the body a renewed sense of wellness.

Plantar Reflexology
Duration 50’ Price € 90,00
This massage technique is based on pressure on specific reflex points of the foot corresponding to all the other parts of the body. This treatment is localized to the foot while acting on the entire body; it increases vitality (vital energy), improves energy and blood circulation and stimulates the body’s self-healing process (homeostasis).
Fitness with a personal trainer
Duration 60’ Price € 30,00
Alessandro, who has a degree in kinetic sciences, works with passion to guarantee maximum results to agritourism guests during their stay, offering the most effective training suited to their individual capacities.

Fitness & Wellness Offer:
One anti-stress massage
and an hour in the gym with the personal trainer
Total price € 75,00
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